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Root Canal Specialists A.A. Doering Endodontics, PLLC

Grand Rapids, MI


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Patient Testimonials
I recently came to Dr. Doering for a root canal. This was a big deal for me because I've always been a little anxious when it comes to dental procedures. When I came to the office the receptionist was very welcoming, along with the dental assistant who took me back to start the procedure. Dr Doering assured me that he would do his best to make me comfortable and also thoroughly explained the process of what he'd do during the root canal. Thanks to Dr. Doering and his staff, if I ever needed any more work done I would definitely go back to his practice.
Jamie Wilkins

Dear Dr. Doering, Mindy, and staff,

I would like to let you kow how much I appreciate the friendly and pleasant manner in which you care for your patients. Everyone made me comfortable and relaxed from the moment I entered your office. The procedure was painless with no lingering effects. Thank you all so much!


Paula Riordan

Paula Riordan

It's hard to put into words the relief I feel after having my root canal today! From my initial call-same day cosultation-to getting my appointment the very next day ( who does that anymore!) I was treated so very well. The staff was kind and considerate, and Dr.Doering was very accommodating, answered all of my fraid cat questions, and did an excellent job of explaining each step of the RC process as it unfolded. I was never in pain! I received a good prognosis for my former "Hot Tooth" also. If I ever need more RC's for hot miserable teeth from hell, I shall return to this practice straightaway and recommend it to others. Thanks so much again Dr. Doering and staff!

Lorraine "Hot Tooth" McCrory

Last week I visited the new office for a root canal. LOVE the new office from the memory foam patient chairs to the beautiful window above the chair and everything in between. More importantly Dr. Atrhur Doering did a spectacular job on the root canal. Whoever said "No pain, no gain"! I beg to differ. I had no pain and all is well now.

Sara Sexton

This morning (8/8/2016) I saw Dr. Arthur Doering who redid a root canal which was done about 25 years ago. I must say I was very pleased with him and his chair side assistant Jordan. During the procedure Dr Doering explained everything that he was doing. I had no pain during the procedure, or none after. I highly recommend Dr. Doering. I was also pleased with his staff members which were very friendly. Thank You Dr. Doering and Jordan

Gary Stevens

Dear Dr. Doering and Staff,

Thank you very much for the wonderful treatment and professionalism you showed me on 07/22/2016 when I had my root canal. I was amazed at how quickly the Dr. performed the root canal. He was awesome! The staff is so very professional and kind. It is nice to be treated with respect especially when you are a big baby like me! Thank you all again and bless you all. 

Karen Schmidt

Karen Schmidt

I just recently was told about Dr Doering's office and told his specialty is root canals. I have had bad experiences with pain afterward and very anxious to get another procedure done. However my tooth was getting worse so I called the office and they made an appointment the next day. I came to my appointment very nervous and when Dr Doering came in he put my mind at ease. He told me step by step what he was doing and made it painless. His staff was extremely knowledgable and made sure I understood the after care instructions. I would reccomend him to friends and family for any endodonic care.

Leslie Pols

Nobody WANTS to get a root canal . . . but if you need one, you need to call this office! My dentist recommended to pursue a root canal on a Thursday afternoon and Dr. Doering's office was able to fit me in Friday at 10:15. Wow! Everyone in the office was professional and super friendly. A super duper shout out to Jace for taking the time to answer all of my "pre" questions. He was super nice and followed up with phone calls later that day and on Saturday to make sure I was not having any problems. Dr. Doering was amazing in that I could hardly feel those nasty long needles needed to deaden my mouth. He was also super nice and answered all my questions and kept me concentrating on his stories as he worked on my tooth. I am very impressed. If you need a root canal, this is the place to go. Thanks so much for meeting and exceeding my expectations!

Cindy Cole

I needed to have a root canal and I have a terrible fear of being in pain. My dentist referred me to Dr. Doering and they were wonderful! I explained my fears and he explained and talked me through the entire procedure. Everything he said was exactly true. The friendliness and welcoming atmosphere in the office is continued through the entire process while in their care. As much as I don't enjoy "root canals", this place is AWESOME!!! When he said relax, there will be no pain...he was 100% correct. "TOP NOTCH"..."CLASS ACT" Sincerely, Brian K. Davis

Brian Davis

Dr. Doering was conservative in his approach for my treatment and I am very grateful for his expertise in helping me with a long, lingering issue. He explained what he was doing throughout the procedure which was refreshing and helped with anxiety. He and his staff are extremely professional and friendly. I highly recommend them.

Hally Ryan

I wanted to say a huge Thank You to Dr. Arthur Doering and his staff. They were able to "get me in" right away which was amazing to start with. The procedure was completely pain free! Unlike my past experiences with root canals. Again, amazing. The staff made me feel comfortable and relaxed which is usually pretty hard for me to do when it comes to dental work. Not anymore. I would recommend these folks anytime. They are Amazing!!! Thank you all.

John Scranton

Thank you! Wow what a great experience I had with Dr. Doering, Jordan and your staff! You treated me with loving care as if I had known you for years. Your thoughtfulness and thoroughness made me feel exceptional. It was a rare treat in a world full of average! Thank you for making my experience "above and beyond" my expectations! Hard to do with this old gal!

Amber Workman

Dr. Doering is amazing!


Like one-in-five people I didn't like going to the dentist. And as a result of my high or dental anxiety and phobia I only went to the dentist when the pain I was experiencing (at the time) infinitely outweighed my fear of the dentist. 2 weeks ago, I experienced excruciating pain in one of my molars. The pain was so intense and relentless it was altering my quality of life. Finally, I surrendered and saw my dentist who then referred me to a root canal specialist (A.A. Doering). I scheduled an appointment with Dr. Doering's office and spoke with a very wonderful person who ensured me after our conversation that I, and I'm quoting, "would be pleasantly surprised." And boy was I! From the moment I entered into the office I was treated with such extreme care and professional, from the receptionist-to-the-assistant, and, of course, by Arthur Doering that I'm not gifted enough as writer to described other than by saying I was extraordinarily surprised. Not only did Dr. Doering describe in great detail the process while he was performing the procedure, but it was pain free, including the 5 shots he administered. The whole procedure once I was numbed lasted 11 minutes. And because of my "pleasantly surprised" experience I had with Dr. Doering and the staff, I am definitely going back for my 2nd procedure. Only this time I will sleep very well the night before. Thank you so much!


I just want to say Dr Doering and his staff were amazing. They explained everything to me and couldn't be any nicer. I have had zero problems after the fact. As a side note, they let you pick the music you want to listen to while you are in the chair. Not too many people like the music I listen too. They were ok with it and they even pretended that they liked it.

Tom Gless

Just want to say what an amazing experience my root canal was!! No pain during the procedure. Dr. Arthur Doering's staff is friendly, caring and efficient. What a surprise was the follow up call later in the day from the Dr. himself inquiring about my well being and comfort. I HIGHLY recommend his practice and the procedure is less painful than a routine cleaning!

Gary Miller

What a great office! Dr Doering and his staff were quick to get me in. everything was efficient and they talked me through the entire procedure to help ease my nervousness. I would HIGHLY recommend this office. Dr. Doering also personally called me later that evening to check in on me and gave me his cell number if I had any concerns or issues. This was incredible to know how much he cared! Thank you for helping me!

Becky Goudswaard

I recently had to have a root canal for an abcessed tooth. The care that Dr. Arthur Doering and his staff gave to me was above and beyond anything that I could ever have expected. From the moment I entered the office in horrible pain, they did everything to help me feel at ease and in good hands. Dr. Doering took his time getting things numbed, and always let me know what to expect and how much longer the procedure would take. That evening Dr. Doering called to check on how I was doing. The next morning another staff member called to check on me. Later that evening, I ended up calling with a question about pain, and was immediately connected with a staff member that was able to answer my question and gave me some additional instructions for controlling the pain. The care I received was so exceptional that I have shared my experience with many of my friends. Thank you so much for taking care of me so well. You and your office have certainly learned the art of exceptional patient care. Wendy Mahaney

Wendy Mahaney

I am very pleased with the professionalism and compassion by everyone from the receptionist to the doctor. I called today, without a referral, and was seen this afternoon. The root canal done and was on my way in less than 45 minutes. Dr. Doering and Jordan were fantastic. I work in the medical field and am very impressed. This is the way it should be done! Kudos and a huge thank you to all for a job well done!

Karen Panzegrau

I recently had the experience of Dr. Arthur Doering performing a root canal procedure for me. I am the world's worst dental patient and am hyper sensitive to any and all work being done in my mouth. Everything hurts me. I typically require a day to sleep off the trauma after a dental procedure. Yesterday offered a totally different experience for me. The root canal procedure was painless and quick. I was made very comfortable throughout the procedure. I especially appreciated Dr. Doering informing me of each step throughout the procedure as that was very calming. If I ever need root canal work again, I will definitely visit Dr. Doering. I can't say enough of the positive (and painless) experience I had. Fabulous work, great staff, and beautiful office.

Toni Moore

I was scheduled for just an evaluation, but when going over the work that needed to be done for TWO of my teeth, Dr. A. A. Doering was able to do both root canals in under 25 minutes! He is an AMAZING Specialist...he made me feel comfortable immediately...he smiled, he is professional, has a great sense of humor, I also sensed that he actually cared about my teeth and well-being. He listened to me... he thoroughly explained my X-rays and went over each option available, and he waited for me to make up my mind about which route I wanted to take moving forward. I absolutely recommend Dr. A. A. Doering if you ever need a root canal. My husband and I are STILL stunned about how thoroughly and quickly I was taken care of. I've had root canals in the past...I just wished I knew about Dr. A. A. Doering sooner! Thank you, Dr. A.A. Doering! (Your staff was great as well!)

Christine Witte

I am one of the biggest cowards. They are the BEST. Thank you thank you !!! Wonderful people!!.

Sandy Hausserman

I had a root canal procedure yesterday afternoon and feel great today, back at work! Everything was explained to me very clearly with respect to my treatment and I was amazed with the techniques used for numbing before the procedure. The procedure was quick and painless. I would give my experience an A +++ and especially appreciate the kindness of staff and the caring for personal comfort that is taken into consideration. I love the murals on the ceiling!!! Kept my mind off what they were doing. Thank you Doctors and Assistants!

Valerie McComb

Great experience with Dr. Doering and his team. Same day work in for a root canal! Dr. Doering was detailed, kind and straight forward with explaining the procedure before and during! I work in health care and would recommend this dental team and rate as "exceptional care!"

Sarah Sheldon

This was my first root canal and I was scared to death! But from the moment I walked into the beautiful office, everyone put me at ease. All the staff were very professional yet fun and easy to talk to. Dr. Authur Doering made me feel relaxed before he even did anything. He explained everything he was going to do before he did it. I barely felt the Novocain shots and never felt any pain during the whole procedure! He and his assistant, Dari did an amazing job!

Karen Pinchak

Fastest root canal I've ever had, 15 or 20 minutes tops with no exaggeration. He and his staff were incredibly kind and courteous, and did everything in their power to make me feel comfortable; playing music, cracking jokes, and narrating his every move to keep me in the loop. I never want another root canal of course, but if I had to get one again I would come back to Dr. Doering in a heartbeat.

Holly Bielecki

I brought my 17 year old son Drake to Dr A A Doering after calling only 1 day in advance. The appointment was made, we showed up a bit early but Drake was called in and put at ease with the gentlmen at reception and the dental Assistant. Dr Doering has a wonderful personality and Drake enjoyed talking with him and Drake was timing the appointment because the second him and I walked out of the office Drake looked at the time and said to me 'I was there 45 minutes total ' I would recommend Dr Doering to anyone young or old He is a very capable doctor. So so so happy with the service and Drakes results!!! Tooth saved!!!!

Diana Colkins

I came to Dr Doering for a root canal and I was really dreading it due to I have had a few that were really painful. However, Dr Doering performed the first pain free root canal I have every had and he was a delite in the surgical room! I was very pleasantly surprised that a root canal could even be pain free! His professionalism was outstanding! I will recommend Dr Doering to all my friends!

Cheryl DeYoung

Dr. Arthur Doering & Staff, This is a testimonial from my appointment today. Everyone was so pleasant at the office; despite today's appointment being the first, they treated me as if I have been going there for years. Dr. Doering explained the different options for my treatment and answered my questions thoroughly. The procedure itself (root canal) took about 10 minutes. He talked to me throughout and updated me on his progress, which made me feel very comfortable. He assured me it would be pain free, which I am very happy to report that he was right :) I will definitely recommend him to anyone and will 100% go back for future procedures. Thank you so much, Dr. Doering; it was a pleasure meeting you today. Also, thank you Amber for answering my questions and being so kind & helpful.


Wow, I was "TOTALLY" blown away. The Staff and Dr. Doering are amazing. I had no idea what to expect with a root canal. Dr. Doering explained every step he was doing and showed me the before and after pictures of what he had done. I for sure will be going back to him and send folks in his direction,

Cynthia A. Smith

First of all I want to say a big thank you to Dr.Doering and his team for being so professional in their work, excellent moment from start to finish. If I have to recommend someone who needs a root canal treatment without thinking I would recommend it to you. Thanks again for your attention and dedication 7/9/2018. Sincerely, Ramon.

Ramon Ibarbia

Dr. Doering easily made this one of the best and most comfortable experiences I've ever had in a dentist office- and I've seen the same general dentist for over 20 years. He made me feel less anxious, more educated on WHAT was actually going to happen and made it easy to ask questions I still had concerns about. Calling my cell phone later in the evening to check up on me and letting me pick the music during the procedure = unrivaled and much welcomed customer service at a medical office. Thank you again Dr. Doering and team!


Wow, I never thought that I would be saying I had an Amazing dental experience with having two root canals, but I did! Dr. Doering and his staff have a Vision and Mission statement that truly encompassed my whole experience. Thank you to Dr. Doering and staff for keeping your word!

Judy Snider

I was recently in need of a root canal and when calling the Root Canal Specialists I figured it would be a couple of weeks out for my visit. I was surprised to be offered an appointment the following morning(WIN). I arrived 20 minutes early to fill out the pile of required paperwork for a new patients only to be surprised again with a couple of quick questions on the computer in their lobby. Great now I get to sit in the waiting area with my anxiety bubbling over right? Heck no, I was promptly called back by Nina the Fantastic Tech that kept Dr. Selis in line during the (dreaded) quick and painless, procedure. Fear of Root Canals gone, and restored faith in Dental care providers, I left the office pain free and happy. Later in the day Dr. Selis took the time to personally call to check on me(BONUS). Great group of people providing Superior service from the initial call to the check up call after the procedure. I hope to never be back in your office but if I have the need I'll be glad to see you folks again.

Shawn Ricketts

FEAR NOT! When I was young, adults would speak of this procedure with near terror in their voice. I felt no pain whatever. You are in the best of care with these good people.

philip kearney